Wednesday, March 24, 2010


just a quick note to let you know that I have finally finished listing all my goodies for sale. I have been spending the last few days going through my stash (intially started out as just cleaning up my apartment and ended up with purging my stash).

and just in case you are interested... you can find the details here (I know, I was surprised - didn't even know that I had some of these)...

(the link is also located under the blog banner)
***due to the high international shipping cost, sorry but won't be offering international shipping***

thanks again and also for all the wonderful comments and wishes, will definitely be stopping by your blog in the coming days (love seeing your work!)


  1. You got published! I just got the latest CK and it is full of new faces that I already know from blogworld, including yours. The layout they published is just fantastic. That's wonderful!

  2. OMG ! that is a lot of stash ! happy happy stash reducing ! woot !

    too much has landed on our sunny shores today ! ;) oh my !