Sunday, March 7, 2010

hello from down under...

hi everyone,

Just dropping in to say hello... currently i'm somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne... Not sure where I am (left ruben to do all the planning), but looking outside the B&B and I see cows... lots of cows. Well actually I think that's all I've been seeing the entire day today, was hoping to catch a glimpse of some kangaroos, but lucky or unlucky we didn't see any today during the drive (been in the car for over 8 hours).

But honestly, have really been enjoying myself so far on the trip. It's definitely a nice and relaxing one (and long over due) as we drive through the wilderness/blue mountains and then along the coast - the view is just amazing (give and take the rain abit) and will definitely try to share some pics the next time I have a chance to get online.

Also wanted to thank everyone for all the comments and sharing your latest addictions... and definitely have to agree with everyone, those are mine too... from misting, to punches, brads, buttons, flowers... and the list goes on and on... for those, who haven't a had chance to leave a comment for Shimelle's Online Class: Something From Almost Nothing - you still have one more day --> please see my post below. You definitely don't want to miss this class and just in case you are wondering who are some of the other guest artist... well have a look at my blog roll on the right... you might be able to triple your chances of winning (check for the ones with giveaways).

And for singapore scrappers... my class details at Made With Love are out and the samples are also at the store. Please do stop by and have a look and hopefully will get a chance to meet some of you there.

"Its Graphic" - mini album class is on March 25th and April 4th
"Days of Our Lives" - layout class is on March 18th and 28th

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments and support.


  1. Glad you are having a great time in Aussie-land! :)

  2. wow... hope u njoy in australia

    wnt to enroll in ur class, unfrntly its FULL :( any chances of u conducting the same again .. really a gr8 fan of urs!!!

  3. cant wait to see yr photos... must be lots of fun! and happy teaching for your coming classes yah!!!

  4. Hello, hello !

    Good to hear from you , hun !

    Take very good care & stay safe during this wonderful hol !!!

    p/s : You are right abt the new WP goodies - some papers are already out it seems ?! & I was there on Fri am , the day after , IYKWIM !
    I bought all 4 lines this time - lol !

  5. Piradee..can't wait to see you in your class on 18 March!

  6. Wow, I didn't know you were in Australia!! Have fun and can't wait to see pics. Also wanted to say HUGE congrats on making the Lily Bee DT!! It's doesn't surprise me at all though - your work is AMAZING!!

  7. Hi Renii,

    will definitely check for you once I'm back in singapore next week and let you know. thanks so much for your interest in my classes and hoping that you will be able to take them **wink**

    Eva... can't wait to see on the 18th - ready for some fun? and thanks so much for signning up for my class :)