Sunday, October 20, 2013

Introducing Sophia Patravadee Simoens

If I were to describe how I feel at the moment, it would be "speechless". Since the beginning of this month (a journey that seems to have last forever - ie. the past 9 months), I find myself  starring at this little face and being overwhelmed with joy. She truly is an angel and honestly, I think she's helping us in every way adapt to the changes - so grateful that she's not fussy and is helping mummy be a mummy.

Introducing little Sophia Patravadee Simoens...

 photo CPSophia1-001_zps20d96af6.jpg

 photo CPSophia3-001_zps10b2d83b.jpg

 photo CPSophia2-001_zps83cc5359.jpg

(created using the gorgeous Crate Paper Flea Market Collection)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and hanging around even thou I haven't been updating that much here. Finally got my scrapping mojo back, along with tons of new pictures to scrap and share!