Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a little bit of bangkok...

hi everyone,

hoped you guys had a great christmas and wishing everyone a very happy new year... only two more days to go before 2010!!! anyone doing something special to celebrate this year?

for me, i'm back in bangkok again and celebrating the new year with my family (sis is back from the states - haven't seen her since my wedding in 2008) and of course ruben is here with me. we spent the first few days in BKK and now we're in Hua Hin enjoying the sand and fresh breeze... unfortunately we will only be a the beach for two nights before heading back to BKK, but it's better than nothing right?

and before going back to playing around in the pool (our room has it's own pool!!!); here are some pictures from my trip so far...

sis with mango all around... that's all we've been having - a bit of mango everyday! mango ice cream, mango pudding, mango & sticky rice....

pictures of our lunch at the chatujak market - i always go to this one resturant for the papaya salad (my favorite is the type with the salty egg - it's really good if you haven't tried it yet).

yummy yummy and yummy again!


  1. Eek! You're making my tummy grumble! I *heart* mango so much! :-) Have fun on the rest of your trip! :-)

  2. Lucky Girl!!! I love Mango!!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of the trip!!!!

  3. I won't be doing anything special for New Year's ,,,, just going to be at home with the honey and the doggie! Too many crazy people out there ,, so I will be at home safe and sound. I hope you have a great New Year!!!!

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  5. A Happy and Creative New Year to you my friend!!!

    Looks like you are having a FABULOUS time with your Fam!! Enjoy the beach...I'm looking forward to SNOW!!

  6. happy new year to you, ruben and ur family~ :) hav a great new year in BKK :D ... hehehe ...

  7. Happy 2010 , Piradee !!!!

    Sounds like a royally good time you're having with the fam !

    ooo look at the yummy food here ! lol