Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Done

have been working on these two layouts for the last few days and now... it's almost done. Got the title and journaling left (the two most hardest parts for me)... for some reason i never know what to write, other than being so worried that i might spell something wrong or miss something out... then what...

before disappearing again... here is a little something to keep you busy. thanks again for stopping by!


  1. oooo... is that a sizzix frame on the first one? i like!!

  2. hi, I have been following ur blog for quite a while, simply love ur clean cut designs :) Just want to ask, what is the material that you use for the sizzix frame?

  3. Hi Kate & Yvonne,

    thanks so much for your comments. and yes - its a sizzix frame (love this one, its a must have). as for your question yvonne - i used a cardboard that i had and honestly don't know where i had gotten this, i think it might be one of the backing/cardboard that we get sometimes with the papers. cheers, piradee