Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Life :: Weeks 3 & 4

Hi Everyone!

I've been meaning to share this for awhile now... thus far I've been keeping up with my PL project on a weekly basis; mostly on Sundays as I look back on the week.  Unfortunately I haven't been very good in sharing it here... promise to do better....

First up is week 3 - this was pretty much lazy kind of week, did a bit of spring clean and then more shopping... more scrapbook supplies and also went on a crazy hunt for brown shoes (have no idea why now, remember wanting to get a pair of brown shoes but strangely ended up with 3 - yes crazy me)...

 photo PLWK31_zps360d5c58.jpg

(so happy I found this cupcake store... love their red velvet!)

 photo PLWK32_zpsaafd5750.jpg

 photo PLWK33_zpseea19143.jpg

 photo PLWK34_zps0608649a.jpg

 photo PLWK35_zps54dc22ab.jpg

 photo PLWK36_zps7f295c0c.jpg

And for week 4 - the main highlight of the week was the Laneway Festival.  Spending the entire day out in (the blazing) sun listening to some awesome music.

 photo PLWK41_zps405ad021.jpg

 photo PLWK42_zps1f8646ac.jpg

And some random things through out the week... yes more shopping and enjoying some truffle goodness... LOL

 photo PLWK43_zpsf538118c.jpg

 photo PLWK44_zps7d61cd1e.jpg

Thanks for stopping by everyone and hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


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