Monday, January 10, 2011

checked, checked and checked (& winner details)

Checked, Checked and Checked!!! It's only mid-month, but so far I've managed to complete everything that I had planned for the month and a bit more...
  • acted on a long over due item
  • all scrappy assignments are done
  • class details for MWL are (finally) done
  • tickets are booked: SG --> BKK --> LA --> IL --> LA --> BKK --> SG
  • hotels are confirmed
  • US visa is still valid
  • going to CHA!!!
Oh Yes!! In about 18 days I'll be on a plane heading to the States, with the first stop over in LA for the CHA convention. I still can't believe that I'm actually going to be there!!! I'm just super excited and also not really sure what to expect at all.... and if you happen to see me there... please do stop to say !!!

and then... I'll be heading on over to Chicago for a few days to catch up with my sister. It's been awhile since I've seen her (given that we are usually living in different parts of the world) and super curious of her new place. I wonder if she would have any furniture by then (FYI - she moved into her new apartment about 4-5 months ago and heard that she's still missing alot). yeap, that's my little sis. and also... is anyone interested in coffee? and any recommendations on must visit scrapbook stores? **wink**

and in the mean time... I have a new class over at Made With Love for this month!!! A little bit of Enchantment - using the gorgeous "enchantment" collection from american crafts dear lizzy to create 3 fun filled layouts.




hopefully I've tempted you a bit with these sneaks... and due head on over to the store for the full details and hopefully will see you at the class. and before calling it a night, here are the two lucky winners from my new year giveaway. also a big thank you to everyone who left me a comment and especially for sharing your stories with me... love reading them all. thank you... you've definitley made this a super great year (so far)!

Photobucket Photobucket

and a big congrats to ....



ladies... please drop me an email with your address details and will get the items mailed out asap! **wink**

and thanks again everyone!!


  1. Oh, wow, Piradee! Would love to meet you! Gorgeous mini, too by the way! Congrats on all the success in 2010! You deserve it all!! ;)

  2. It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful trip! Oh lucky you on being able to make it to the CHA. I'm just a tad envious *wink*. Would love to go there too!

    But gosh, you made me jumping up and down on my chair when I scrolled down your blog post. I can't believe I'm one of the two winners of your amazing giveaway. You made me soooo happy! Just e-mailed my addie to you. And a huge congrats to Zeffy too!

    I love your sneak peeks by the way. That will sure be an awesome class.

  3. have a fun trip. awesome peeks.

  4. have a awesome time and hope you gals get to meet up!!!

  5. Oh, wish I could go to CHA with you. :) It should be awesome. Also, love your work. Come visit me at

  6. Congrats on going to CHA!!! YOu must be so excited!!! Then you get to see your sister! How sweet is that! Love your sneak peek of your class. Looks awesome!

  7. Have an awesome trip, Piradee, and don't forget - photos, photos, photos hehe ;) those classes look delicious...wish I could have been there to attend one of your classes!