Wednesday, April 4, 2012

getting ready for NZ Autumn Escape...

Finally a little breath of fresh air... the past couple of days have been the craziest ever, with back to back business trips to Bangkok and Jakarta, the BIG apartment move (love the new apartment, finally more space) and then getting ready for the most exciting event of the year - I'll be teaching at the New Zealand Autumn Escape 2012!!!


Not sure where to start and sometimes, wonder if it's all a dream (until I get the email reminders on the things that I need to prepare and do, oops LOL) and just in a few more days, I'll be meeting up with two amazing ladies to go through the final check list for my classes. OMG - that's like in 8 days!!! (reality finally sinking in).

But at least...
  • tickets are confirmed
  • hotel rooms are booked
  • hubby has the trip all planned (well somewhat)
  • class samples are created (phew)
  • class instructions have just been sent (like today LOL)
  • class presentations are being drafted (making the most of that 6+ hour plane trip) 
  • and I'm flying back to Singapore tonight, to catch that plane on Friday!!! (the important part)
I know there's still a few more things to be done, like figure out just how hot or cold it's going to be over there and to finally start packing (super scared that I'll forget to take the class samples - please remind me, otherwise I think Nic might just kill me LOL).

And on the topic of classes... have you guys all seen the sneaks??? Don't forget to check out the full details HERE and there's still a few more spots left if you haven't signed up yet. Trust me, you'll have a super fun time and get to work with super yummy products. Plus on top of that - I have a little surprise for everyone attending my classes...

Can't wait to finally meet everyone in person!!!  See you guys soon!!!


  1. woohoo!!!
    awesome news there!!!
    you're going to be oh-so-awesome in that class.

    enjoy yourself!!!

    1. Totally excited, can't wait to meet you and do 2 classes with you
      "Don't forget class samples LOL"

  2. I'm doing two of your classes as well Piradee. I absolutely adore your style and can't wait to get myself immersed in some scrappy goodness. See you in Taupo (with those class samples!).

  3. Really loking forward to meeting you bring some warm clothes it will be cooler compared to your temps.... Its a stunning place your going to have a great time ......

  4. OMG, I'm so excited!!!! Thanks Piradee and congratulations!

  5. enjoy and make sure to try their bungee Jumping!

  6. Such exciting news Piradee! All the best though I'm sure you'll do just fine!