Friday, August 27, 2010

off again...

The week has gone by super fast and I'm not even half done with all things that I had planned to do before having to get on the plane (I really need to work on planning skills). But for now I'm off again and this time around, I'm heading to Barcelona and Brussels to catch up with some friends and of course, visit the inlaws :)

tata for now and will definitely keep you guys posted on all the sites and sounds... lol... (I just picked up a new camera at the airport; as I had to leave my slr behind.) For some strange reason my canon got the error 99 and I have no idea what's wrong with it and will probably bring it in when I get back. :(


  1. Have a fab time!! Barcelona is one of my fave cities - loved that place!!

  2. Hi Piradee,

    I had that a couple of months back. Error 99 means that there is something wrong with the lenses. You just need to send in your lenses to be repaired and cleaned.

    Have a great holiday!

  3. Hi Piradee... I totally agree with Mich. got the same problem with my canon dslr and i had it cleaned. the lense need to be repaired and it cost half the cost of brand new lense, so i ended up buying a new one because i need the cam badly. enjoy your vacation anyhow!

  4. thanks everyone for all your comments especially with regards to my camera. not sure what the problem could be as i had tried changing the lens and i still got the error message, hope its something that could be fix for a reasonable price...