Sunday, September 27, 2009

couldn't resist again...

hope everyone had a great weekend... as for me still recovering from an all night crop.. yeap, truly an all night - started at 9pm and end at 6am. not sure if i would do this again thou... but had a great time and also got a chance to meet some of the scrappers here in singapore...

also ... a big thanks Francine for selecting my layout to showcase on your website "inspiration du jour"... on craftgossip... truly honored!!!

and thank you amber & everyone from my mind's eye for selecting my layout for the Challenge #3!!! thrilled and speechless! and for eveyone who played along, the layouts are amazing --> do check out the gallery there Challenge #3: Song Lyrics Gallery

oh and one more thing... i found this adorable new kit club (came highly recommended) with tons of goodies and just lovin their current kit!! --> do check it out... magpie club


that's it for now... but will be back tomorrow with more projects to share.
nite nite!


  1. Hi Piradee, nice meeting you at the crop! Please go for overnight crops again! It's very fun!! :)

  2. what a long time :) But nice to do i think !
    GR joyce

  3. Way to go ,, and you totally deserve the recognition!!!!