Monday, August 31, 2009

What do we do when life gets to you....

It has been pretty rough the last couple of week with all the work - the long hours and constant bashing from all ends... and just when I thought things couldn't get any worst. Rejection! yes it comes in all forms, even in the ones that you thought you would be able to depend on in hard times.

so, what do we do... when life gets to you, when you feel as thou you've reached rock bottom. I do wonder how long it will take me to get out of this one.

ACN - counselor


  1. be strong! take care!
    XOXO :)
    we will bounce back when we hit right to the bottom...

  2. Have faith in yourself, and truly, bad days do come to an end, though we feel otherwise. Sending you happy vibes .... Aida

  3. the last 4 years I suffered in great pain...which ended with brain surgery...and when the days would get dark and grim...I WOULD CREATE!! It is where I found great relief! It is a great thought diverter.....and this too shall pass!!
    You are in my prayers!!

  4. Hi, just wanted to send some good cheer to you; hope you're feeling better and looking to the bright side of things. Keep the faith!

  5. It can only get better after this. *huggies*