Thursday, September 30, 2010

some random things....

just some random things that I still need to do before the end of the week...
  • attend a meeting in Hong Kong
  • fly back home for a weekend in Bangkok
  • enjoy a glass or two of caipirinha at the Chatujak Market
  • drive my car!!! (I so miss not having a car in Singapore)
  • pig out at the best ever seafood restaurant near by the house (in BKK)
  • shopping!!! (shopping in Bangkok is the best ever)
  • find a way to get to MWL to get those gorgeous Pink Paislee collections - I want everything!!!

and oh yes, somewhere in between all that... I need to finish my new class sample before Friday! (considering that today is already Thursday it doesn't look like its going to happen); but I do have a sneak for those interested.... (hope to see some of you there!)


and this is just one of the two items that you'll be creating in the class.... look out for more details in MWL newsletter!

as for now, I better get some sleep as tomorrow is going to be a long day!

oh, yes and one more thing.... still holding my breath that I might be lucky; its a one in a million chance, but just maybe maybe maybe they might look my way..... (but then again, maybe not) lol.


  1. I hope whoever they are, they look your way ;)

  2. and these are all the things i'm going to miss not being there =(. Have tons of fun for me!


  3. Hi Piradee! Great sneak! I know exactly who you mean and I am holding my breath as well! LOL They would be absolutely crazy not to have you! Good luck!