Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm back!!!!!

and then again, given the pile of work that is waiting for me.... uhmmm maybe not! but yeap, finally made it back from a crazy weekend in barcelona (went for a friend's wedding) and then a week long of events in belgium (with the inlaws). It was a truly crazy fun week... lots of champagne and meeting new people, oh yes, shopping too! (the non-scrappy stuff).

and now, its back to the daily routine of things (that is until the next holiday or business trip - which ever comes first). also its great to be back... by the time the week was over, I was having scrapping withdrawal syndrome. would you believe, I was dreaming last night that I was rolling around in the crate paper restoration collection and then even my bed sheets were in the same pattern (yes if you haven't guess, I've been dying to find the time to scrap those gorgeous papers). but looks as thou, its going to have to wait as I have a few major datelines to meet for work and it doesn't look as thou I will be able to squeeze much in until the weekend (wonder what I'll be dreaming off tonight).

anyway, before disappearing again... here's a little peak at what I was working on before my trip... a little something for a friendship swap that we are having... (although mine are abit off spec... ooops)....


thanks for stopping by... and promise to not disappear for too long again...


  1. Is Soo Good to see you back!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see your creations!!!!

  2. we miss you piradee... but glad to know you had a great time... there's nothing more important than family... good to know you're back!

  3. glad you are back !! your dream about crate papers is so funny! i feel reassured: not the only one to dream about scrapbooking!! i can't wait to see new layouts! and i was wondering if you had a special gallery where i can see the "calendar" layouts you did for AC?? I am interesting in doing some myself and needed inspiration!! have a great day and good luck with your job deadline!

  4. Cant wait to see what your working on!

  5. Welcome back! LOL about the dream!! ;) hope you get to scrap soon!