Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flowers anyone?

**sorry all the flowers are gone, but if you are still interested and don't mind waiting till January - then let me know. I will definitely be replenishing mine and wouldn't mind picking up a few for you**

As mentioned earlier and thanks for the emails (more than happy to share some)... if you are interested in some of the flowers that I picked up from bangkok about 2 weeks ago, I still have 3 more sets available. You will get a total of 57 flowers in the different sizes and colors as shown (the smallest is about 1.5 cm in diameter and the biggest is 5.5cm). The cost is 10SGD (7.20USD) for the set (not including shipping, will have more detail later today as trying to figure out the best options).

please drop an email by (my email address can be found on the right side -->)

ps. imagine glimmer misting these.

thanks guys and have fun!


  1. Piradee this is wonderful. Flowers and me are best friends :) Please reserved for me a set. I'm interested i want to get them :)

  2. These are just beautiful in every way!

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