Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Organizing Craze

After two days of organizing... my scrapping area looks a little bit tidier. I spent most of the time making indexes for all the things that i have collected (in the past few months - its unbelievable the amount of stuff i have). First off - color indexes for all my stamps, glimmer mist, paints, embossing powder... wow that was a lot. Below is a pic of some of the indexes i made... all labeled too. These were definitely long over due... i discovered that i had doubled up on a few of the colors - YIKES.... hehheeee could resist all the deals out there :)
Next item - STAMPS... I have been wondering forever how best to organize them and allowing me to see what stamps i have (and also how many - yikes). So the other day found thes acrylic sheets and volla... now i have all my stamps in the binder (well to be honest - i needed two binders)...
And in between all that work... i manage to complete these layouts that i have started a few weeks and weeks and weeks ago...

Some of you might have noticed this LO on the MWL gallery - as i was putting it away, i just felt that there was something missing... therefore added a bit more here and there... ok, i may have added a lot more here and there, but i think it looks better now.... heehehee. This one is for you SIS.

Another american craft LO - i just love them and the colors... love love love... although they are outside of my comfort zone. Also in my cleaning... i found these die cuts... I have no idea where they came from but are just so adorable... I think they are from quickutz.

I couldn't find matching colors for the flowers and therefore tried making mine own using stamps and was surprise how well it all matched.
Well that's about it for now... better start packing, got a flight to catch tomorrow.
ps. thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially to those who have left comments... much appreciated!!!! c-ya.


  1. Hi piradee,

    where did you get the acrylic sheets from?

  2. If I start commenting on your post, I will run out of things to say cuz I totally love every single page you made, Piradee. :D

  3. hi snow... not sure how to get back to you... but i got the acrylic sheets from the art friend store @ takashimaya outlet...

  4. Hi Tharinee... thanks so much for stopping by and for the wonderful comments na ka.

  5. 1) i do agree that your sis' LO is more "complete" after adding that..

    2) i have WAY TOO MUCH stamps to just work on them for 2 full days straight. haha... i do have my "bible" aka organizer where i do my own "inventory" haha... no duplicates there, except for those items i know i'll never get tired of!

  6. 3) love what you did with the flowers!

  7. Piradee, I have been looking for something like this for ages to store my stamps - do you know the brand of your album/pages? I am just trying to track something like it down here in the states. Thanks! Any info is appreciated! ;)