Monday, May 11, 2009

First Day of Vacation

It's monday and a holiday over here in singapore... the first day of my vacation - will be taking a week off. YES YES YES!!! So happy, hopefully i will have a chance to finally clean my room and finish all those projects/pages that i have started. Better start now... as i have a flight to catch on wednesday... off to BKK for the reminder of the week.

Before i disappear ... here are some of my layouts that have been completed awhile ago. Have i mentioned how much i just love these sassafras papers... i love these papers... did this layout for one of the dreamgirls challenge... heehehhe... yeah the last wish item... is still a dream.

Another sassafras layout... found this picture of ruben and kobe (his nephew) from the engagement lunch. Aren't they cute... they really do look a like... at least i was told that was how ruben looked when he was young. uhmmmm....

I can't get enough of these papers from jillibean soup... so in love... and also with green (and the most adorable butterflies - a must have)... hehheee


  1. loving the sassafrass layouts, and i admire how you do your neutrals.. very vintage, very classic..

  2. Love those sassafrass LOs... I can't get enough of sassafrass too!

  3. Piradee, I looove your layouts, I will follow up your blog
    Enjoy the holidays!