Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snap Shot Functionality??

thanks for stopping by... and please let me know what you think of the "snap shot functionality"...

i just discovered this snap shot feature whereby if you place your cursor on the link - a small box would pop up showing the latest updates. i think it's a really great way to see if the website/blog has been updated since i last visited it... however, still trying to figure out how to enable this for only selected links (and not everything like it is now).... but on the other hand, sometimes i also find it annoying....

... so, please let me know if you find this useful or more annoying...

thanks again for visiting :)


  1. haha... not a fan of that. irritates me to bits... muahaha..

  2. I see it on Facebook and on some blogs but have no idea how to get it. Its probably a pay-for feature ?

  3. Also I am gasping at your Cosmo Cricket submissions *WWWWWOOOOWWW !!!* You will make the short-list, definitely ! Good luck,